Scary Maze

Play the scary maze game where you have to guide the dot through the labyrinth on each level, which will get more difficult as you approach the end. Try to finish the game and put your courage to the test because at the end, a really scary surprise is waiting for you. Invite your friends and family to watch the surprise with you.

Scary Maze Game 2

In Scary Maze Game 2 you can pass through the maze in two different game modes. Each mode will test your skills and reflexes to complete the mazes. If you opt for casual mode then you have to go slowly and carefully, but in the other variant you really have to rush to win. In any case the end is dark and creepy. Proceed at your own risk if you dare.

Scary Maze Game 3

This is a horrifying game that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The objective of Scary Maze Game 3 is to pass each path without touching the edges of the road. You are not timed in the early levels so you need to only focus on passing each labyrinth with the greatest skill and see what surprise is waiting for you at that end.

Scary Maze Game 4

Scary Maze Game 4 is a horrifying game with paths and hedges where you have to go through. Many sharp bends and narrow roads need to be mastered to get to the end whilst avoiding touching the sides of the paths. Finally, when you reach the goal, you find a little surprise that has been prepared as a reward for your hard work, dedication and skill with the labyrinth.

Scary Maze Game 5

Do you dare to play the Scary Maze Game 5? Go ahead and prove that you have the courage to go through the labyrinth and reach the end of the path to receive a surprise that will leave you stunned. The objective of this game is to get through the maze without touching any edge of the path to reach the goal. Turn the volume up and good luck.

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