Scary Maze Games

Scary Maze Game 6

The Scary Maze Game 6 brings a new type of challenge to the realm of this kind of games. You have to guide a chick through a maze full of wrong ways with dead ends while trying to find the one correct path. Here you will spend a while filled with both suspense and terror as you try to reach the end, which has a surprise that will leave you breathless.

Scary Maze Game 7

Get to the finish line of the Scary Maze Game 7 that will make you jump with fright at the end. You move a small green ball through the labyrinth while dodging obstacles in the form of black holes. If you fall into one of the black holes, you have to start from the beginning. With a little practice you will see that it is not as difficult as you thought.

Scary Maze Game 8

In Scary Maze Game 8 you are trapped inside a dark and scary labyrinth with only a few light sources that will help you see, but not very far. The goal is to find the exit of this haunted maze, but floating pumpkins will try to prevent this by hitting you along the way. Use the arrow keys to navigate around and try to escape this terrifying place alive.

Scary Maze Game 9

Play the Scary Maze Game 9 which you will like because not only will your computer mouse skills be tested, but you will also be surprised by the unexpected end that you will remember for long. The paths become progressively more difficult, but the efforts are well worth it. Turn your speakers on, sit back and find out if you have what it takes to finish this game.

Scary Maze Game 100

Play the Scary Maze Game 100 that will make your hair stand on end when you reach the final level that comes with a very chilling surprise. Use the mouse of your computer to move the dot through the narrow paths of the labyrinth. Make sure to avoid touching the walls and be surprised with the award: a woman that will jump out of your screen.

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