Hit the Dot Game

The Hit the Dot Game may seem boring, but it is a fun challenge that you will love to play over and over again in the comfort of your home, at a coffee house or with any of your friends. You will surely want to try playing this game in which you have to prove not only your skills of using the computer mouse but also your reflexes and good eyesight. The objective is to catch a moving dot, which at first is big and slow but as you advance it becomes smaller and will move around the screen at much faster pace. The later stages will be sure to challenge you.

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This scary game known as Hit the Dot Game is easy at first. You have to click on the white ball that is inside the black box. The first click on the circle will be a breeze. You probably will just need a few seconds to make contact with this large and slow target. After you hit the ball the first time, it will shrink and start to move around the screen faster. This, of course, makes it more difficult to catch. But do not worry because this second level is also a little easy although slightly less than the first. With each passing level, the dot becomes smaller and yet much faster, and moves on all sides of the screen to make it more complicated. You may lose track a little but concentrate hard in order to help reach your goal in the Hit the Dot Game. Eventually the target shrinks more and is merely a small dot and that’s why this game gets its name. You have to hit this dot, but it will be extremely difficult and you will use all of your concentration. You may have to adjust your strategy during the more difficult levels because chasing the dot around the screen by moving your mouse can be very tiring and not so effective. In any case, it will require your utmost care and concentration. However, if you manage to hit the dot, you will be rewarded with a spooky surprise at the end of Hit the Dot Game.

Once you have reached the finish of the Hit the Dot game, you can repeat it if you’ve got enough guts. So try again and again until you become a master at hitting the ball. Then you can invite your friends to have a good scare with this very unexpected ending, and so you can laugh at the situations that may occur when you play a scary prank on an innocent person. You can have fun testing the courage of your friends and seeing who is the most courageous and who is the most cowardly. If you want to make things more interesting, take your video camera and record the reactions this amazing game provokes.