Scary Maze Game 9

Play the Scary Maze Game 9 which you will like because not only will your computer mouse skills be tested, but you will also be surprised by the unexpected end that you will remember for long. The paths become progressively more difficult, but the efforts are well worth it. Turn your speakers on, sit back and find out if you have what it takes to finish this game.

Scary Maze Game 100

Play the Scary Maze Game 100 that will make your hair stand on end when you reach the final level that comes with a very chilling surprise. Use the mouse of your computer to move the dot through the narrow paths of the labyrinth. Make sure to avoid touching the walls and be surprised with the award: a woman that will jump out of your screen.

Scary Maze Game 10

This kind of games have something in common: you have to reach the finish without touching the walls of the maze to get through, and there are creepy surprises. But the Scary Maze Game 10 is a little different because its difficulty level is a little higher than others, and a greater amount of concentration is required to pass the labyrinths without problems.

The Scary Maze Game

Get your prize in The Scary Maze Game when you finish this series of mazes that are slightly more difficult than usual because you have limited vision. The pathways become dark at times and also have swirls that make it difficult to concentrate. Try hard to stay focused and pass all the mazes for a big surprise at the end.

Scary Game Maze

Scary Game Maze: In this series of terrifying mazes you have to pass various levels to reach the end and get your surprise. The first challenge is the shape of a pumpkin and the second is an impressive dragon. In both levels you have to guide the dot through the checkpoints of the finish line and to finally receive the scary surprise that is waiting for you there.

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