Scary Color Blindness Test

There is a condition in the eyes of certain people who can’t see colors properly and this can sometimes be severe enough to make it possible for these people to tell the difference between red and green. This can cause problems when viewing everyday objects such as traffic lights for example. This, of course, is very dangerous. In other cases such as in the Scary Color Blindness Test it is not so serious. In any case, it is worth getting an eye exam to check the quality of your vision just to be on the safe side.

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In our Scary Color Blindness Test you need not have any eye conditions, but only the desire to have some fun alone or with friends. This is a test that looks very normal compared to people who do have some difficulty distinguishing colors. The game consists of writing the numbers that appear on the images. The numbers are formed by different colors in the designs. This would be very difficult for a person who actually is colorblind and can’t differentiate red and green. It shouldn’t be too challenging for you, however. In the Scary Color Blindness Test there are no winners or losers in this game, only the opportunity to show your eye sight abilities and to demonstrate your courage. You begin by entering the number you see in the image into the text box. Continue doing so until you reach the end of the exam, where a surprise is waiting for you. The surprise is very chilling because it is a horrific image accompanied by a shrill sound. This will certainly shock the poor victim of this cruel prank.

The Scary Color Blindness Test is not intended to seriously offend anyone, but rather give them a little shock out of the blue, to have a little fun. If you decide to take this colors test for yourself then you have to be prepared for what is coming at the end. But if you want to play a joke on someone then you should not tell them where the end is and put computer speakers very high to have a full effect on this person. This is a trick to scare you and if you’re ready, try to do this test in the dark of the night when no one is home to see if you dare to go all the way and then you can share your experience with others by passing the link of this Scary Color Blindness Test to help you give a good scare to whomever you like around the world.

Keep in mind that you cannot do this with anyone; you should also think about the health of the individual and not play with fate. It is not recommended to share the Scary Color Blindness Test with someone who has severe heart problems because this game is so creepy that it could leave serious consequences. But if you just want to have fun for a while then you will have no problem because the scary color blindness test is designed to get big laughs and to share hilarious moments between friends. Here you can identify which one in your group is the most cowardly.