Scary Maze

Are you ready for the most terrifying challenge of your life? Welcome to the scary maze game that will have you glued to the screen and make your hair stand on end as you approach the finish line. To play you have to guide the blue dot through the maze without touching the sides. If you can reach the end of the labyrinth, where the red part is, you pass the level and move on to the next. If you touch the sides you will automatically go back to the first level. Play each of these levels with the utmost care and continue to the end in order to find out what the future has in store for you. Also, be sure to turn the volume up.

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As you advance through the scary maze, you will notice that each level becomes increasingly more difficult. First of all, the roads will become more narrow, thus making it harder for you go through the maze without touching the sides. Secondly, there will be more turns with each passing level. Therefore, your extreme concentration and steady hand are needed. Do you have sufficient ability and concentration to make it to the end of the Scary Maze? You must try to stay alert so as not to crash into the sides of the maze and be sent back to the very beginning of the game. Try to avoid this frustrating outcome as best as you can. It helps to take your time and not rush through the maze. Remember, the goal is to finish each level and time is not a factor.

The first level of the Scary Maze is a breeze. It’s child’s play to allow you some easy practice before the more difficult levels to come. The second level is more challenging and you must be more careful and guide the dot with more precision. The third level will challenge you the most as the roads become extremely narrow, not much wider than the blue dot itself. So here is where you must have complete concentration. Make sure you are not distracted during the final part of the Scary Maze as you approach the red part and get ready to finish the level. It would be disappointing to have to start from the beginning after making it this far. Try to pass all levels and you will be rewarded with a surprise just when you least expect it.

After you pass all of the levels of the Scary Maze game, it would be a good idea to invite your friends and acquaintances and encourage them to try the scary maze game and see how resistant they are to this adventure. Surprise them and have a great moment of fun and madness. Look at their expressions when they finish the game. It might be nice to have a video camera on hand to record this fun and have a permanent reminder of each moment they are playing. You could also share these experiences through some place like a video blog so others can see how your experience was with the maze of the exorcist. But do you dare to do it alone? You might want to try to prove your courage in the darkness of the room and the silence of the night, and see how far you can go in the Scary Maze.