Scary Maze Game 3

Take a risk with this Scary Maze Game 3, even if you know the potential consequences that you face if you play. “Try to reach the end, but you’ll regret it” are the words of encouragement that you get from the beginning. But you have nothing to lose, try it and see that things couldn’t be worse than they already are. Maybe you will need a few attempts at the beginning, but you’ll have fun and you will be able to finish the game if you stay safe and focused on finishing each level.

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The Scary Maze Game 3 is played by guiding the blue dot through the maze pathways, but you have to do it with great precision because your only tool is the mouse of your computer. You must handle it very delicately as the pathway is the only place where you should go. If you leave the path, the challenge will end and you have to start again from the very beginning. So be patient because these mazes are very long and it can take a while to get through them. If you get through the first level of the Scary Maze Game 3, what awaits you is another arrangement of passages that is definitely more difficult. With a little practice you can get through without a problem and will feel more certain of passing the next complex network of paths. Now here is where the rude awakening awaits you. At some point you will get a big surprise that will scare the daylights out of you.

Each stage of Scary Maze Game 3 has an increasing magnitude of difficulty. This means the pathways get narrower. In addition they have more sharp curves and turns that will take all of your effort and concentration to keep from touching the walls as you make your way to the end of the game. Be sure to move with extreme care to avoid being sent back to the very beginning.

But there’s more because when you finish the first group of levels and get your horror surprise, you can decide to go ahead and play a second round of the Scary Maze 3. But this time, you will have limited time and have to move both accurately and quickly. See what the future holds for you when you play this more intense round of scary mazes.

Play the Scary Maze Game 3 with your friends to give them a good scare, or just to have a fun time. Show it to your family and loved ones to see how they react to the revelation at the end and look at how they maneuver their mouse and, of course, how they react when receiving the wake-up call. If you like, you can even leave us a comment or post links to videos of the people who have played this fun and creepy game. But do you dare to play alone in the dark of night?