Scary Maze Game 5

There are times when people need to find ways to relax and have a pleasant time, away from the noise and stress of life. Well, this is not one of those times, because we bring you the Scary Maze Game 5 that will test both your courage and concentration. Here you have to find a way out of the labyrinth without a scratch which will take all of your effort to succeed. Be brave and play it alone, or play with company, but then you run the risk of being called a coward.

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At least the first time you play you should try it alone just to test your courage. To play the Scary Maze Game 5 you have to use the computer mouse to navigate along the route without touching a single edge of the path, otherwise you will have to repeat the entire game.

The Scary Maze Game 5 has only a single level, but that does not mean it is easy because this version of the game is different. The roads are not straight, but rather they have a large number of turns and you must pass curved paths without a single slip up to make it to the final destination and to be rewarded the prize the game has prepared for you. Yet the question is whether you’ll be ready to accept the award without being startled. Try it, and when you get towards the end decide if you should perhaps have taken another route in the Scary Maze 5.

When you’ve finished and realized just how brave you are, then it’s time to show it to your friends and test them. Play this scary prank on them and see how they react to such a horrific end in the Scary Maze Game 5. Record them on video and leave comments in the section below to show how you did and let the world know that there are people brave enough to playing scary maze games.