Scary Maze Game 6

Test your skills in the Scary Maze Game 6 in which you have to guide a chicken through a labyrinth that at first seems pretty easy and quiet. But what awaits you at the end is something you can’t enjoy so much. You might even find yourself faced with something pretty terrific before you reach the end, but that can only be known by touring every corner of the maze.

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This version of the scary maze is changed a little from the original, because you never have to use the computer mouse or just the pointer. Rather, you have to use the arrow keys buttons to control your character, which for the Scary Maze 6 is a cute little chick that will go on the road waving its little wings. We hope you are not as scared as the little bird you are controlling, and that you play until you reach the end of the game.

But that’s not all because the maze isn’t linear, but rather very curvy. Additionally there are many avenues for you to explore and get lost in the Scary Maze Game 6. In the case you get lost, you should remember where you came from and retrace your steps a little. The roads are confusing because they are very similar, but with a little ingenuity and a good memory, you will make it out of this labyrinth. At that point you will experience a finale of the Scary Maze Game 6 to share with your friends and family, and to use as prank if you like.

Do you dare to play the scary maze game 6, or are you too afraid of getting lost forever? Do not hesitate and start playing, but remember that what ultimately awaits you is something macabre that you have to face without fear or being startled too much. Good luck and do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions in the field below.