Scary Maze Game 7

The scary maze games become more and more interesting as you go along. Try them all. The Scary Maze Game 7 is especially very entertaining to play, and yet just as terrifying as the others. Each game has a different surprise, and this version is no exception to the rule. Experience the tension and fear while going through the labyrinth with great precision and skill. Test your talent with the buttons on the directional arrows and sharpen your reflexes by dodging the road hazards.

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In the Scary Maze 7 you have to reach the goal without even a scratch, and make it through all the difficulties that this scary maze game presents. To play you must move a little green ball using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The ball will not stop until you press the arrow key in the opposite direction that the ball is moving. So far everything seems to be a cinch, but the problem is that the floor is full of black holes where you could fall. As you progress through the paths, the black holes become more numerous making it more difficult for you to prevent falling into one and having to start from the beginning. This of course is an attempt to stop you from reaching your aim and seeing the scary surprise that awaits you at the end of the Scary Maze Game 7.

So start practicing because the scary maze game 7 is very challenging. It will be only a matter of time before you achieve your goal of reaching the finish line to face your destiny. Remember that time is not a factor, so you can get to your goal with patience, in addition to determination, concentration and a lot of courage. Take a chance and try it in the middle of the night with all the lights off to see if you have the braveness to reach the end of this prank known as Scary Maze Game 7.