Scary Maze Game 8

The Scary Maze Game 8 is a very frightening experience because you are in a dark and labyrinth, and you have to do everything possible to escape your confinement. You will need to use your wits in the Scary Maze 8 to make it out alive. Here you must rely on your memory to go through this maze and find the exit. If you have enough patience and orientation skills you can find the path out. The only limitation is the amount of energy that you are given and if that runs out, the game and your life are over.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

Your confinement occurs within a dark maze with stone walls, in which you are lost and you have to find the exit to return to breathing clean air again. But the Scary Maze Game 8 is not as simple as it seems, because the amount of light in the corridors of the labyrinth is scarce and you can barely see the end of the tunnel when you go through the dark alleys. To make matters worse, flying pumpkins will present the threat of hitting you, and they will most surely succeed. Each time they do this, your energy level will lower, brining you that much closer to death. The escape won’t be easy, but nothing is impossible and with some effort you’ll be out of trouble and free to breath fresh air again.

Do not forget that you have to try to go unnoticed. If you get hit too many times by the pumpkins and die, you will have to start all over again from the same place. So try to avoid this frustrating experience of terror and vicious suffocation in the depths of the Scary Maze Game 8. However, you do have one advantage. This is a weapon that fires projectiles that can destroy the pumpkins with no problem, all you have to do is aim well and you will avoid the faith they want to impose on you. To use it effectively, just move the target with your mouse in the direction of the pumpkin and fire it with the left mouse button.
You can move around in the scary maze game 8 by means of the arrow buttons on your keyboard. They give you good mobility as you can move forward or backward at the same time as you move to the right or the left. Enjoy the 3D graphics of this game that will make you feel you are really there.
Get ready for this adventure and do not lose your head in this 3D maze that has led many before you to the brink of insanity. Don’t let this happen to you in the Scary Maze Game 8 and find the way out of this death trap using your courage and determination.